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"Sustainable Management Means We Can Have Our Tuna and Eat It Too" 

NOAA Fisheries is responsible for the stewardship of the nation's ocean resources and their habitat.


Thanks to responsible management, Bluefin tuna stocks have grown to levels once thought unattainable, but now considered sustainable.

To recognize this remarkable conservation success story we’re holding a week-long celebration of our local, artisanal fishery and the restaurants & markets who promote sustainable fisheries and the amazing Bluefin tuna caught locally. 

All week, local participating restaurants will be featuring locally-caught bluefin tuna on their menus. 

Local fish markets will also be offering special pricing on locally caught bluefin tuna.

We’ll also have a special cookbook featuring recipes from local chefs. 



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The Bluefin Initiative is a collaborative effort between fishermen, dealers, government agencies and non-profit groups aimed at promoting and supporting Maine’s commercial bluefin tuna fishery. FMI please visit us at


Interested in Participating?

Fill out the form below to have one of the Casco Bay Bluefin Bonanza team members contact you. 

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